Dolphin Letter System

Dolphin Imaging software is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device

Semplifica ed automatizza l’invio di lettere e comunicazioni ai pazienti. Ogni lettera puo’ essere personalizzata con le immagini e le radiografie del paziente. Include decine di modelli preesistenti di corrispondenza scritta con professionalità e permette di crearne facilmente di personalizzati.

Interamente tradotto in Italiano è personalizzabile, si integra con i questionari anamnestici e i layout di visualizzazione.

Necessita di Microsoft Office (versione a 32 bit).

Extensive Letter Template Library

  • Several dozen professionally written templates, including: extraction, deband, initial exam, treatment progress, diagnostic results, treatment requests, certificates and welcome letters.
  • Create a set of letters simultaneously to several related parties: patient, parent, doctor, referral and insurance company.

Patient Exam Questionnaire

  • Customized exam questionnaire: you design the questions and you create the answer choices.
  • Enter patient’s examination information; generate a letter set that includes referrals, patients and insurance company.
  • Patient’s data is preserved in Dolphin’s database for easy access later on or to create additional letters.

Customize Contents

  • Easily access hundreds of existing diagnostic and treatment codes.
  • Create and modify the list of treatment options and diagnostic findings.
  • Modify existing templates from the library or design your own.
  • Insert pre-determined image types: facial photos, intraoral photos or radiographs.
  • Incorporate diagnostics and treatment plans in different levels of terminology: clinical, layman or create your own style.


  • Automatically insert pre-determined images from the patient’s Dolphin records.
  • Letter Wizard takes you step-by-step through the letter creation process.
  • Utilize the full power of Microsoft Word to create custom letters.
  • Compatible with Word versions 2003 or above.

Requirements - Specifications