Dolphin Imaging: Implanner™

Dolphin Imaging software is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device

Implanner is the powerful and easy-to-use software for planning implant procedures. Implanner allows you to assist in case evaluations, create individualized treatment plans, facilitate patient education, generate precise documentation and streamline communication. ImPlanner simulates implant placement and related procedures using the patient’s radiograph. It’s also the perfect companion program to Dolphin’s Letter System and ImagingPlus™ software modules.


  • Radiograph enhancement tools.
  • High-quality implant image library.
  • On-screen measuring tool.
  • Enhance bone grafts, sinus grafts, and anatomical structures.
  • Image magnification.
  • Email treatment plans and images.
  • Create and save multiple implant treatment plan alternatives.
  • Detailed treatment plan reports.
  • Marketing-oriented, implant-specific reports.
  • Patient records organized by name or number.
  • Fully integrated with the Dolphin Imaging program.

3 Easy Steps

Scan or capture the patient’s radiograph

Place simulated implants and make on-screen notes

Email, print or show to your referring doctors or patients!

Requirements - Specifications