AnywhereDolphin allows you to effortlessly share your Dolphin records with referrals and patients over the Internet. Shared records can include x-rays, ceph tracings, 3D datasets, photos, treatment simulations, treatment request forms and notes.

Using AnywhereDolphin saves you precious time while building strong and consistent relationships with your referring specialists and patients. AnywhereDolphin helps your practice stay HIPAA-compliant by utilizing data encryption to protect patients’ confidential information.

You simply upload selected patient records to the AnywhereDolphin secure server. When the records are online, you can view the records at home, download them at another office, share them with a referral, or allow the patients to see their treatment progress. Your recipients can view the records online without the use of Dolphin software.


  • Secure transmission of image data and patient records using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, an industry standard of encrypting data to transmit private documents).
  • Exchange records between your AnywhereDolphin account and your Dolphin Imaging database.
  • Give referrals and patients access to the records that you specify.
  • Communicate securely with your referrals through the service.
  • Quickly and easily give your referrals access to images without having to go through email.
  • Create templates for customized notes.
  • Streamline treatment requests, such as tooth extraction requests.
  • View ceph tracings with detailed diagnostic measurements.
  • Simplify personalization and configuration of records.
  • Track who accessed your records and when.

Available on App Store and Google Play

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