Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Dolphin Imaging & Management solution, has gained over 25 years of experience on electromedical products, developing one of the most complete and long-lived software suite currently on the market.
Our products are developed and tested to provide maximum compatibility and integration with Microsoft Windows operating systems and the Microsoft Office suite.
Dolphin Imaging and management solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partners.

INFOLAB snc as distributor for Italy, Greece and Cyprus has more than 15 years of experience in the Information Technology and more than 10 on management software for the medical practice.
This allows us to propose today partnerships of significant value with some of the most interesting realities of our the territories.

Continuing Education – Face Tx
As one of the most relevant Organization on the Italian territory (and not only) with its training structure, the Face Group immediately represented the ideal companion for Dolphin, which actively contributes to the training process by bringing its experience as a technological partner.
During the courses we provide to attendees with a technological tool that fully embraces the group’s philosophies, and the issues dealt with in the course

Thanks to the cooperation with Grenke, a German finance specialist in software renting, we can offer customized and fully-inclusive leasing solutions.