Get the best from your software,

Valorize your investment!

Discover how to improve your skill about Dolphin software through a course.

Our goal at Dolphin is to help you and your practice to reap the fullest benefits of your Dolphin system. We believe the best route to increasing your investment in your Dolphin software is through proper and consistent training and practicing.

For your convenience, we offer these methods:

Phone Training:

all that you need is a pc and an internet connection. We will provide you access to our computer teaching you about the usage and the feature of the software. This solution consent you to save time and money, because you don’t need to move from you your desk, and we can organize the training according to your scheduling and even split it in several sessions, if required.

Onsite Training

One of our trainer will come to your office, for a full day training, to teach you and your staff about the usage of the software.

It is even possible to organize a collective session.

On Center training

If you prefer you can come to our office in Verona, to get the training. Session are open, up to 6 participants.


The dolphin webinar session is available through the dolphin service club, or web site. It requires a valid support contract.

For more information please email to :