Dolphin Treatment Simulation

Dolphin Imaging software is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device

The Treatment Simulation software module allows you to plan, diagnose, and present cases from the lateral view. Multidisciplinary VTO Wizards include step-by-step interactive programs for quick and easy analyses and treatment planning. It’s the perfect tool for interdisciplinary clinicians to visualize outcome and work in concert. Dolphin Treatment Simulation can be used for both orthodontic and surgical cases.

Orthodontic Treatment

  • Translate, tip and rotate incisors; reposition molars; auto-rotate the mandible.
  • Arch Length Discrepancy worksheet: initial condition, leeway, extraction, expansion and stripping.
  • CO-CR Conversion. Enter CPI or MPI reading; simulates fulcrum of lower jaw at the first dental contact; automatically repositions centric occlusion to centric relation.

Growth Forecast

  • Simulate growth on a traced x-ray, or tracing overlaid on a photo by inputting current skeletal age and desired duration of growth.
  • Superimpose one or more growth tracings over original tracing, aligned to any desired reference plane.
  • Easily view post-growth measurements and the grown image.
  • Choose from Bolton or Ricketts growth algorithm.

VTO Wizards and Analysis

Allow the clinician to quickly predict, plan, and visualize the sequence of treatment to be performed:

  • AEO-Roth/Ricketts.
  • McLaughlin (optional module).

Treatment Goals

Treatment Simulation based on specific cephalometric goals:

  • Upper Incisor to A-Pogonion.
  • Upper Incisor to Sella-Nasion Angle.
  • Interincisal Angle.
  • Lower Incisor to A-Pogonion.
  • Lower Incisor to A-Pogonion Angle.
  • Lower Incisor to Mandibular Plane.

Orthognathic Surgery

  • Le Fort, BSSO, double jaw, genioplasty.
  • Rhinoplasty (with image touch-up, morphing tools).
  • Cheekbone implant (with image touch-up, morphing tools).
  • Model block surgery report.
  • Precise profile soft tissue touch-up and contouring tools.


  • Appropriately alter soft tissue profile based on dental and skeletal movement.
  • Develop treatment plan with any standard or custom cephalometric analysis.
  • Easily use and navigate visual handles or enter precise treatment values.
  • Customize skeletal-to-soft tissue movement ratios.
  • Undo history-of-treatment steps.
  • Easily compare with other treatment plans.
  • Export images to Windows Clipboard and other image files.
  • Movie Morphing feature lets you demonstrate the transformation from pre-treatment to simulated results.

Requirements - Specifications