Dolphin 3D Digital Study Models

Why purchase the full arsenal of Dolphin 3D tools if the only 3D data you work with is study models? The new 3D Digital Study Model software module was designed for doctors who want to work with 3D study model data in addition to 2D patient data. What you can do:

  • Store and organize 3D digital study model files.
  • View models in 3D environment with several layout options.
  • Take 3D measurements.
  • Run traditional 2D arch-length-discrepancy analyses.
  • Available in the Cloud.

A patient CBCT is not required to store 3D model data. Supports standard .stl and .obj file formats from existing intraoral scanners. Seamless integrations with CEREC Omnicam and CEREC Ortho Software.

3D Digital Study Models, Teeth Uncropped

3D Study Models, Teeth Cropped

3D Study Models, 5 Up Models

3D Study Models, 5 Up Models Colored

Requirements - Specifications